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Property in Brownes Bay known as Harmony Hall ACP# 023

Brownes Bay

Starting Bid: $ 12,000,000 XCD
Status: Available
Auction Location: On Site
Land Size: 261360 sq ft

The property is inclusive of a parcel of land measuring 261,360 sq. ft. and comprises of a restaurant in average condition, two cottages which each comprise of three units which are of masonry structures in average condition, a stone tower which serves as a bar with a viewing platform at the top, three dining gazebos constructed from wood, a pool which can hold approximately 9,000 gallons of water surrounded by a tiled pool deck, two staff cottages in average condition and a jetty measuring approximately 772 sq. ft.The property is located on seawater front in the Browns Bay area east of La Perla Development. The property is located approximately 2.25 miles from Freetown, 17.5 miles from St. John’s and 16.5 miles from V. C. Bird International Airport.   The land is slightly sloping and has an excellent view of the ocean.

 There is an adjacent parcel of land (Parcel 34) which is also available for sale by Public Auction and can be sold on the same day. The size of this parcel of Land is approximately 2.67 acres and it has a starting bid of EC$4,000.000.00 (Four Million Dollars Eastern Caribbean Currency). Kindly advise if this adjacent parcel of Land is of interest to you.

Each property can be sold seprately.