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Property on Bishopgate Street ARP #018
Residential For Sale
Upper Bishopgate Street
Starting Bid: $ 173,000
3 Bed & 1 Bath Walking Distance of St. John's
Bed: 3.0
Bath: 1.0
Size: 805 sq ft
Property Located in St. Phillips South ARP #020
Residential For Sale
Starting Bid: $ 180,000
This property consists of a single Storey 1290 SF residense with 6534 SF of Land. It accomodates 3 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom, Kitchen, Living/Dining and Verandah.
Bed: 1.0
Bath: 3.0
Size: 1290 sq ft
Land Located in Lower Gambles ARL #1:066
Residential For Sale
West of Montessori Preschool
Starting Bid: $ 180,000
This parcel of land is ideally located in the business area of lower Gambles, its close to Montersorri Preschool, KFC, Service Station, Churches, Apartment Buildings, Car Wash and other businesses. The Land has an approximate area of 0.50 Acre/21,780 sq.ft.
Size: 21780 sq ft
Property Located in Sutherlnds ARP #058
Commercial For Sale
Starting Bid: $ 426,000
The property is located in the residential community of Sutherlands Development. The property which has an approximate land area of 0.10Acre/4,356SF has a Commercial three (3) storey concrete building thereon. Ground Floor: approximately 1,486SF and accommodates a Supermarket and Bakery; First Floor: approximately 1,781SF and accommodates Four (4) One bedroom apartments and three (3) Verandahs; Second Floor: approximately 1,823SF and is incomplete (ie. Block walls completed to lintel)
Size: 3267 sq ft
Property Located in Lightfoot ARP #079
Residential For Sale
Starting Bid: $ 508,000
IThis is a 1 1/2 Storey property located in Lightfoot accomodating a One (1) Bedroom apartment on the Upper Floor and a Three (3) Bedroom Two and One Half (2 1/2) Bathroom, Kitchen, Living, Dining and Office on the Ground Floor. 
Bed: 4.0
Bath: 3.5
Size: 3288 sq ft
Property in Cassada Gardens - White House ARP#034
Residential For Sale
Cassada Gardens
Starting Bid: $ 610,000
This property consists of a concrete structure and on the Ground Floor this property has accomodation for Kitchen, Living, Dining, Study, Half (1/2) Bath, Laundry, Garage, Two (2) Verandahs .  On the First Floor there are Five (5) Bedrooms, Three (3) Bathrooms, and Two (2) Verandahs. The building consists of 4600SF and is fenced with a driveway. The land is approx. 0.35Acre or 15246SF
Bed: 5.0
Bath: 3.5
Size: 4600 sq ft
Property Located in Hodges Bay
Commercial For Sale
Hill Side Ocean View
Starting Bid: $ 670,000
The property has an ocean view due to its elevation. The property is a concrete structure: a basement with a one (1) bedroom unit in the, and the ground floor: has three (3) bedrooms, two (2) bathrooms, kitchen, living, dining, and patio.
Bed: 4.0
Bath: 3.0
Size: 4378 sq ft
Auction Property locatred in South Central ARP #095
Residential For Sale
Starting Bid: $ 890,000
The property consists of a parcel of land approximately 0.30Acre/13,068SF with a concrete structure approximately 4,100SF thereon. This property accommodates: a master bedroom w/a bathroom, two (2) bedrooms, a bathroom, living & dining room, and a wrap around verandah with amenities including a swimming pool & deck, storeroom, gazebo, fence and retaining wall. 
Bed: 3.0
Bath: 2.0
Size: 4100 sq ft
Property Located in Piccadilly # ARP 051
Residential For Sale
Starting Bid: $ 1,360,000
The property is located on the road leading to the University of Health Science Antigua Campus in Piccadilly. The property consists of four (4) self contained units, each with two (2) bedrooms, (1) bathroom, kitchen, dining, living, washroom & patio. The property also includes a swimming pool.
Bed: 8.0
Bath: 4.0
Size: 5610 sq ft